Video essay exploring how the city of Glasgow appears in cinema. Made as part of a commission by Park Circus Ltd. for an article showing how films from their collection featured the city as an important aspect of their cinematography. The text can be found here.​​​​​​​
The clips are from the following films:
Ae Fond Kiss…, 2004, Ken Loach
Comfort and Joy, 1984, Bill Forsyth
Dear Frankie, 2004, Shona Auerbach
Death Watch, 1980, Bertrand Tavernier
God Help the Girl, 2014, Stuart Murdoch
Heavenly Pursuits, 1986, Charles Gormley
Madeleine, 1950, David Lean
My Name is Joe, 1998, Ken Loach
Neds, 2011, Peter Mullan
On A Clear Day, 2005, Gaby Dellal
Orphans, 1998, Peter Mullan
Ratcatcher,1999, Lynne Ramsay
Red Road, 2006, Andrea Arnold
Small Faces, 1996, Gillies MacKinnon
That Sinking Feeling, 1979, Bill Forsyth
The House of Mirth, 2000, Terence Davies
The Maggie, 1954, Alexander Mackendrick
Under the Skin, 2013, Jonathan Glazer
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, 2002, Lone Scherfig
Young Adam, 2003, David MacKenzie

The music is an excerpt from After Dark - Instrumental by Paul Buchanan.

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